Our Smart Home Packages

While our website and shop do show packages, the truth is that we hardly use them (except for the DIY Builder). Instead, we pride ourselves for offering fully flexible options based on individual products’ unit prices. This gives our clients the best value for their money as we do not include services and options that a client may not need.

Our approach to creating smart homes for clients would be to have our clients survey their own homes and plans, and create a list of items they think they will need. Send us the list, and we can generate a quotation for you. Or if you’re the hands-on type, go ahead and ‘build’ your own smart home by adding devices here.

Note that these prices are hardware only, and do not include installation or setup services. The reason we exclude this by default is simple – chances are that you already have an electrician working on your project, and your electrician will be able to install the switches for you at a lower marginal cost than we can, thus saving you money. And setup? It is possible to do it yourself – you may just need to spend some time. Still, we find many clients enjoy taking on this task as a weekend project, and it benefits them to get to ‘own’ the system.

Whatever it is, we remain available to our customers for any technical questions and queries, including remote help for setting up.

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