Aqara Night Light

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Motion activated night light powered by 2x AA batteries lasting up to 1 year. Designed for motion sensitivity combined with a gentle, bounce-off LED light.

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Motion activated LED light perfect for gentle, diffused lighting at night.

A Night Light That Just Works

Motion Triggered To Light Up The Dark

The Aqara Night Light is designed to light up the dark. Equipped with a motion sensor and a gentle LED light on two planes of its triangle shape, this night light maximizes motion sensitivity and light dynamics.

You can put it near your floor, at a walkway to light up the paths at night. Or you could put it in a wardrobe, or anywhere else!

Powered by two AA batteries, this night light can last more than a year before needing a replacement.

Night Light Singapore


motion sensor night light

The Aqara Night Light is designed for the perfect balance of motion sensitivity, soft LED lights, and battery life.

With a motion sensor plus luminance sensor on one of its triangle planes, it only turns on when necessary.

The other plane houses a soft, diffused LED lighting with two brightness settings.

To preserve battery life, the night light only turns on when both of the following conditions are met:

  1. Motion is detected
  2. Ambient light level is low

This gives the night light a battery life of more than 1 year, running on 2x AA alkaline batteries!

With its three-sided triangle planes, mounting the night light for maximum motion sensitivity and gentle, diffused lighting is simply choosing the orientation to mount it.

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