Smart Water Heater Switch

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Smart water heater switch that automates your existing storage tank heaters. Gain remote, offsite controls and time-based automations to heat your water.

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Smart switch to automate water heating through the day, automatically turning your water heater on and off.

Automated, App-enabled Water Heating

Hot Water, As and When You Need it

The Smart Water Heater Switch makes sure that you have hot water when you need it. With its simple app-based controls, it’s easy to create timer automations and remotely turn your water heater on and off.

Have your storage tank water heater turn on 15 minutes before you wake, so you’ll never have to wait for the water to heat up again. Set it to turn itself off automatically after twenty minutes, and you won’t have another situation of leaving your water heater on for hours by mistake. 

Manual controls of the water heater is still possible through a light touch on the premium glass panel. And if your configuration has been set right, it’ll still automatically turn itself off after the specified time period.

Voice controls? No problem. Ask Siri, Google, or Alexa to turn the water heater on as and when you want.

  • This is not an Aqara product, and cannot be added into the Aqara Home app. 
  • This product is not Apple HomeKit compatible, but Siri voice control is possible.
  • Remote (offsite) control require internet connectivity at both sides.
Smart Storage Tank Water Heater Switch

Simple to Install, Works with Any Heater

Smart Water Heater Switch Singapore

The Smart Water Heater Switch is a direct replacement of your existing wall switch. Installation requires no hacking, drilling, or rewiring – simply remove the old switch, and replace it with the smart switch.

It’ll work with any heater – water storage-tank heaters or instant water heaters – and they don’t have to be smart – only the switch! The Smart Water Heater Switch works by simply turning your water heater on and off.

With its direct connection to your home’s wifi network, there’s no need for a hub or any other accessories. All you need is a water heater to control, and a smart phone to configure it. And if there’s a temporary internet failure, no problem! It’ll always work when manually touched.

  • Changing switches can be dangerous. Please engage a professional electrician to install smart switches.

Premium Glass Panel Design

The Smart Water Heater Switch has a premium design with a beautiful, full-sized seamless glass panel. A barely-obvious LED resides beneath to show the switch status. A slight touch of the switch brings a satisfying soft click, and the LED turns on.

Based on the 86mm square standard size of Singapore households, it looks right at home next to your other switches, smart or not.

Smart Hot Water Timer

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Agnes Yeo

    Glad that Hans convinced me to get this switch cos it’s really helpful! I wasn’t sure about it not being even compatible with Apple HomeKit, but what Hans said was true – this water heater switch is very useful even by itself. And he has the same problem as me, always forgetting to turn off our water heater, so now with the automation he suggested, this won’t happen anymore!! Happy customer!

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