Do I need an Aqara Hub for the lock to work?

No, the lock can work standalone without needing a hub. By using a direct secure Bluetooth connection between your phone and the lock, you’ll be able to setup and manage the lock through the app, including adding users, adding fingerprints, generating one-time passcodes, and deleting users.

What works without an Aqara hub

  • Most normal operations such as daily locking/unlocking
  • Most administration and management of the lock, such as adding and deleting users
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Apple Home Keys
  • One-time Passcodes
  • Periodic passcodes (set locally via Bluetooth)

Extra functions available by binding the lock to an Aqara Hub:

  • Remote notifications
  • Setting periodic passcodes remotely
  • Unlocking via Aqara Home app remotely
  • Automations with other devices

If you’d like these features, you’ll need to choose a hub to bind your smart lock with. We have 5 hubs to choose from, and to help you choose, check our guide on choosing the right Aqara Hub.