What are Smart Switches and how do they make lights smart?

Aqara smart switches give your existing lights smart functionalities by using Zigbee Wireless Technology to connect to your wifi and smartphone. Once connected, you can turn your lights on and off – commands are sent from your phone to the smart switch, which then electronically turns the light on and off. You can also use other methods of turning your lights on and off, such as with other smart accessories, geolocation, or based on time or timers.

Do the Aqara Smart Switches work with ceiling fans and exhaust fans?

Yes! However, the switches only turn the devices on and off. If your fan is controlled by a remote, you will still need to adjust fan settings using your remote. Also, different fans behave differently when turned on. Some will continue its last-used setting. Some will default to zero speed.

Will my lights still work without wifi or internet?

Yes! Pressing the smart switch will always work, regardless of connectivity.

Does each switch connect to my wifi? Will it congest my network?

No, our switches use Zigbee wireless technology to connect to the camera hub, in a separate mesh network. Only the Camera Hub connects to your home wifi.

Do I need wifi and internet for smart functions?

Yes. You will need them for smart functions such as remote controls and creating automations. Some automations such as motion-sensor triggered lights will work without wifi, once configured.

I turn off my router every night. Will the switches still work?

Once the router is off, you will lose some smart functionalities. However, the pressing the switch physically will always work. Aqara Smart Hubs will connect back to your wifi automatically when the network is turned back on, and smart functionalities will be automatically restored.

Do I need strong wifi coverage in my home?

You will only need strong wifi coverage where your hubs are connected. Other Aqara accessories connect to the hub, not to your home wifi.

Why do I need an Aqara G2H Camera Hub?

The Aqara G2H Camera Hub works as a “router” for your smart switches to connect to wirelessly. In turn, the G2H Camera Hub connects to your home wifi network. This means the Aqara G2H camera must be in wireless range of all your switches, so you should place it in a central area. If you find the connectivity unsatisfactory, you may add more hubs into your home.

What About Renovated Flats?

If you have renovated your flat, you may have additional switches and lighting points installed by your contractor. No problem! Just count the total number of switches you have (in how many gangs), and use our unit prices to calculate the total cost. Any doubts? Just call or message +65 8876 8104.

What About 2-way Switches?

Your two-way switches can be replaced, and will operate the same way as before.

Will there be a lot of work to change the switches?

No. There will be no drilling, rewiring, or trunking involved. Changing the switch is a 10 minute job that only requires a screwdriver. The new smart switches are direct replacements and there will be no holes, gaps, or other imperfections.

Can I set up the smart home myself? Or do I have to pay you to do it?

It is actually very easy to set up your smart home! All you need is an Android phone or iPhone that can download and run the Aqara app (available on both app stores). To know if your phone is supported, simply search for the Aqara app and see if you can install it on your phone.

Once the app is installed, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to register an account, add new smart devices, and configure your accessories. Need help? Just contact us.