Whole Home Smart Lighting

Create an ambience for your mood, everytime

Smart Lights Singapore

The Homesmart.sg Smart Lighting System combines different lighting and switch systems that can be integrated into every room, and every space of your home. With their infinitely customizable nature, the smart lighting system allows you to change every light’s setting to suit your mood – dimming for a more relaxing time, or turning on to full, cool-white brightness for you to focus.

Brightness Control

Homesmart.sg Smart Lights are dimmable and brightness controllable. Dim your lights for a movie, or for a relaxing dinner with friends. Have them turn on to full brightness for work, or to help you focus.

Smart Lights with Deep Dimming technology can be dimmed to an almost imperceptible 1% brightness, giving you a fuller range of control.

  • Smart Dimmable Lighting 5 percent
    Brightness: 5%

Adjustable Colour Temperature

Adjust your lights and change them from warm white to cool white, in the full white spectrum from 2700K to 6000K. Warm lights are yellowish, and is reminiscent of a sunset – perfect for evenings and at night. Cool whites are less yellow; venturing into a blue hue – something like the colour of the sunlight at noon, and better suited for daytime and at work zones.

With Apple HomeKit’s Adaptive Lighting technology, the colour temperature of your lights can be automated throughout the day.

  • Smart Lighting Singapore 2700K
    Colour temperature: 2700K (Warm white)

Beautifully designed. Perfectly functional.

Smart Home Lighting

The Homesmart.sg Smart Lighting range consists of individual products designed with form and function. Each downlight, light strip, or bulb is built of high quality materials, with considerations for other important factors such as heat dissipation.

Different variations of each product caters to the different spaces in your home. For example, choose from a range of beam angles for the Smart Downlights, from the narrow 15 degrees perfect as a spotlight, or the wide 60 degrees suitable for general lighting.

Finetuned controls like never before.

Smart Lighting Singapore

You now have access to an infinite degree of control over the lighting in your home. Adjust your brightness by percentage, all the way down to a barely visible 1% in smart lights with Deep Dimming technology. Colour temperatures can be adjusted to individual Kelvin figures. Choose some lights to be turned on, while other turned off – it’s all in the palm of your hand – on your smartphone.

Sounds excessive? Remember that you can set scenes – preconfigured instructions for multiple lights to change to a specific mode. Once set, activating a scene, and changing the entire mood of your home, can be as simple as a tap, or a voice command.


With a one-time configuration, you can easily and quickly return to your favourite whole-home or whole-room lighting settings. A “Goodnight” scene can turn off all your lights, and dim other lights that you may want to leave on as night lights. A “Daytime” scene could change your lights to a cooler 5000K white, and bring it up to 100% in the darker areas of your home.

  • Smart Lighting Scene Daytime
    Daytime Scene
  • Smart Lighting Scene - Evening
    Scene: Evening

Easy to use. In more ways than one.

Aqara Smart Home Light Singapore

How many ways are there to control your lights? In the past – one – at the switch. Now, it’s easier than ever to control your lights and their adjustable settings through a multitude of options.

Smartphone? Check. Switches? Check. Ask Siri? Check. Controlling your lights should be simple and easy, and with the Homesmart.sg range of smart lighting, switches, and wireless switches, that’s exactly how it is.

A light for every room. And every space.

Smart Lighting Range Singapore

The Homesmart.sg range of smart lighting products include different lights with different fixtures, and can be mixed and matched into every room. Screw-type E27 smart bulbs can be installed into floor and table lamps. Downlights can be installed into false ceilings, and LED strips can be mounted in ceiling coves.

The Homesmart.sg range of smart switches can also be used to control normal, non-smart lights in areas where customization may not be necessary.

Homesmart.sg Smart Lighting In Your Home

Smart Lighting isn’t as simple as picking products and hoping for the best – there’s an art and science to lighting choices and placements. Use our years of experience as smart lighting experts to your advantage – get in touch with us to get a quotation.

Smart Lighting Range Products

Smart Lights

Smart Lights are lights that have inbuilt smart functionality – giving you the ability to adjust and control the different options through an app.

Smart Switches

Smart Switches can be used both for smart lighting and for non-smart lighting. When used on non-smart lighting, it gives you the ability to switch on/off the light it’s connected to – including the use of automations and scenes.

Wireless Switches and Control

Wireless switches are battery-powered devices that gives you another way of controlling your smart lights and switches. They can be stuck on a wall, placed on a table, or mounted over an existing switch box.

The Knob switch and Cube can adjust brightness and colour temperatures by rotation.