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Integrate smart technologies into your home, and live better. uses the world’s top technologies to bring real convenience, accessibility, and security into Singapore homes. The smart homes of today are advanced yet affordable, powerful yet user-friendly, and can help create your smart home with simple, effective integrations.

Aqara Singapore Smart Home Products

The Latest in Smart Technology

Highly reliable, easily implemented smart technologies.

Homesmart’s advanced technologies allow for powerful automations, beautiful designs, and convenient installations. It also features broad compatibility with the world’s most popular smart home platforms.

Apple HomeKit Smart Home Singapore
Google Home Google Assistant Singapore
Works with Amazon Alexa Singapore

Easy to Install and Configure

It’s surprisingly simple to set up a smart home.

Our smart home products are surprisingly simple to set up. No drilling, trunking, or rewiring needed. By using Zigbee wireless technology, some of our devices are battery-operated and tiny.

Our products can be installed both in homes being renovated, or in the home you’re living in. Most installations won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Unparalleled Affordability

Smart products at smart prices. See for yourself. offers unparalleled affordability for your smart home needs. Our products are modular and flexible, meaning you can start small, and add more devices later. Get started with our low bundle prices, which includes devices, installations, and set up – no other hidden costs.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Get what you need. And exclude what you don’t.

At, we pride ourselves for offering clients maximum flexibility and value on their smart home solutions. Choose from a pre-built package above, or customize a complete smart home with exact quantities of each item you need in a package with an itemized cost.

Smart Controls with Smart Apps

Universal compatibility with leading apps. smart homes are supported by the leading smart home platforms and apps. Control and configure your smart home with established apps by veteran companies – even simultaneously on different devices.

Aqara Home

Aqara Home App Smart Home
Aqara Home App

Apple Home

Apple Home Smart Home Singapore-01
Apple Home Devices and Control

Google Home

Google Home App Smart Home Singapore
Google Home Devices

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa App Smart Home
Amazon Alexa Smart Home

Supports All Leading Voice Assistants

Voice commands on any device and any smart speaker.

Use leading voice assistants – Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa – to control your smart home. Voice commands can be used on your smartphones, tablets, or smart speakers. And they work together – use Siri on your iPhone to turn on the light, and Alexa on a Sonos One to turn the same light off.

Smart Home - Works with Google Assistant Google Home
Smart Home - Works with Amazon Alexa Echo
Control your smart home with smart speakers from
Smart Speaker Brands: Bose, Apple, Sonos, JBL, Harman Kardon, Klipsch

Integrate Existing Appliances and Devices

Unify your home’s devices into one system.

Our smart home systems can integrate the devices in your home. Achieve smart air-conditioner and fan controls, even with your existing, non-smart appliances. Integrate smart devices from other brands like Philips Hue and Xiaomi, and unify them into your system.

Smart Home Compatible Brands Daikin Hitachi KDK Mitsubishi Dyson Philips Hue
Smart Home compatible Brands: Samsung, Ikea, LG, LIFX, Yeelight, Mistral

Unlock Automations and Controls

New, convenient ways to interact with your home.

Smart homes are all about opening up new ways of interacting with your home’s devices. Turn them on and off with multiple methods, such as wireless buttons and remote app control. And with automations, such as those triggered by a motion sensor, you don’t have to interact with them at all.

Apple HomeKit

Remote Monitoring and Security

Monitor your home and keep it secure, at home or away.

Your smart home can let you know what’s going on at home, even when you’re out. Get notified when a camera detects a person in its view, and even tell you who it is by using AI facial recognition. Know when someone unlocks the door, or if you left a window open.

Aqara G2H Pro Camera Apple Homekit Secure Video

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