As a distributor of Aqara, we also sell Aqara products individually without installation or set up. If you’re a homeowner wanting to make your home smart, we recommend that you take a look at one of our packages or bundles, or get in touch with us for a customized quote.

Smart Hubs

Smart hubs act as a central station to communicate with your other smart accessories and devices. Aqara uses Zigbee 3.0 wireless technology, so every device connects to the hub – and not congest your home wifi network.

Smart Wired Switches

Smart wired wall switches are the muscles of your smart home. Smart wall switches replace your existing switches, and connect to your existing lighting – giving them smart controls, and opening up new ways to interact with your home.

Smart Wireless Switches and Buttons

Wireless switches give you new ways to control your smart devices. They can be linked to wired smart switches to function as a two-way switch, or even run scenes.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are, well, the senses of your smart home system. They detect changes in your home, for example, a door opening, and can notify you remotely with your smartphone, or trigger automations with your other smart devices.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are upgrades to both traditional locks and electronic locks. Access your home with the standards like PIN codes, biometric authentication, and mechanical keys – but also gain smart abilities such as remote notifications, automation triggers, and remote unlocking.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras not only provide monitoring and surveillance in your home, they also offer specific motion detection, setting up of activity zones, remote monitoring, automation triggers, and AI facial recognition.