We believe in consistent and transparent pricing, and in offering the best value. Our range of Homesmart Aqara and Sensibo products can be checked out individually, or as part of a smart home package or bundle. You can also get in touch with us for a customized quote if you require additional services.

Smart Hubs

Smart hubs act as a central station to communicate with your other smart accessories and devices. Our Aqara range of products use Zigbee wireless technology, so every device connects to the hub – and not congest your home wifi network. Wondering why some of these devices are listed as hubs? It’s not a mistake – our hubs are multi-function devices; the cameras, for example, do double duty as a Zigbee hub.

As a wireless hub, there is a limitation on range. You may need more than one hub to cover your whole home. Yes, you can mix and match hubs.

Need help choosing a hub? Check our guide!

Smart Lights

Smart lights ranges from simple LED screw-in bulbs, to professionally installed magnetic tracks and light modules, giving you the possibility of added features – namely dimming, and adjustment of colour temperatures from warm to cool whites. To learn more about smart lighting possibilities, please visit our Whole Home Smart Lighting page.

Smart Wired Light Switches

Smart wired light switches replace your existing switches, and connect to your existing lighting and fans – giving them smart on/off controls, and opening up new ways to interact with your home. They can also be used to seamlessly control your smart lights.

Smart Heater Switches

Smart Heater Switches gives you smart controls over your storage tank water heaters, using automations to make sure you’ll always have water heater when you need it, and turning itself on and off automatically based on your lifestyle.

Smart Modules

Smart modules and relays are alternatives to smart switches. Instead of replacing your switch, you can make an existing switch smart with the addition of a module.

Smart Wireless Switches and Buttons

Wireless switches give you new ways to control your smart devices. They can be linked to wired smart switches to function as a two-way switch, or even run scenes.

Smart Air-Conditioner Control

Save money and energy by integrating your air-conditioners into your smart home systems. Remotely and smartly adjust air-con temperatures and on/off states by using geolocation or sensors.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are devices that gives anything plugged into it smart on/off controls. This could be anything – a standing fan, an air purifier, a coffee maker – the possibilities are endless.

Smart Curtains and Blinds

Give your window shades smart, motorized controls. Achieve automated opening and closing of curtains and blinds without lifting a finger. Create daily schedules, integrate your shades into scenes, have blinds react to temperatures in your home, or ask Siri or Google to control your curtains.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are, well, the senses of your smart home system. They detect changes in your home, for example, a door opening, and can notify you remotely with your smartphone, or trigger automations with your other smart devices.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are upgrades to both traditional locks and electronic locks. Access your home with the standards like PIN codes, biometric authentication, and mechanical keys – but also gain smart abilities such as remote notifications, automation triggers, and remote unlocking.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras not only provide monitoring and surveillance in your home, they also offer specific motion detection, setting up of activity zones, remote monitoring, automation triggers, and AI facial recognition.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are devices that can fulfill automated functions in your home.