Home Monitoring and Smart Security

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Secure your home and gain real-time information about your home security, whether you’re home or away. Arm your security system when you’re out, and deter crimes with alarms and notifications.


Aqara M2 Hub (Global Version)

Smart Home Hub and Security System. Connects to the other smart devices using wireless Zigbee technology. Has speaker functionality to sound alarms if your security system is triggered. If you have multiple M2 hubs through your home, all of them will sound the alarm simultaneously on trigger. Multi-function - can also work as a smart air-con controller and smart doorbell.

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Aqara Wireless Mini Switch

Used to arm and disarm your security profiles. Place on at your main door to arm your system into Away mode when you leave the house, and another at your bedside to arm your system into Night mode.

$19.90 incl. GST each

Aqara Door and Window Sensor

Detects when a door or window is opened or closed. Can be used as a trigger to activate alarms in different security profiles. Also reports real-time states to your smart home system.

$19.90 incl. GST each

Aqara G2H Camera Hub (Global Version) [Discontinued]

Home monitoring camera that enables you to view real-time and recorded footage on your smartphone, even remotely.

$119.90 incl. GST each

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Secure your home and gain real-time information about your security states. The Aqara Home Monitoring System allows you to configure different security profiles for different purposes, such as an Away profile that can be armed when you leave the house. Once armed, any trigger, such as the opening of a door, can alert you and your system, and sound the alarms.


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