I’ve been doing my research and it’s hard to wrap my head about how exactly to do a smart home? How should I approach this?

With the number of technologies, brands, platforms, vendors, integrators, and manufacturers around, it can be very daunting to decide how exactly to do a smart home. As a first step, we’d invite you to our Definitive Smart Home Guide, which lays out the basics of a smart home, and guides you through decision-making processes, as well as the possibilities and limitations of different smart home systems.

If what we’re doing here at Homesmart.sg appeals to you, then you can dive right into our Smart Home Cost Quotation, which helps you with the actual planning of smart homes devices in your own home, including deciding on products, and calculating quantities you’ll need.

Want to take it a step further? Go straight to our DIY Smart Home Builder, which is a step-by-step builder which allows you to put the items straight into your cart – and even check out directly for local shipping.