Your Smart Home Cost Quotation

Hello! You’re at this page probably because you have expressed interest in our smart home systems, and we sent you this link.

As every home is different, we do not believe in smart home packages (even though we list some on our site – those are here because visitors expect to see them!). Instead, we adopt an “ala carte” model – where our clients pay only for whatever hardware they need, and they can also opt-in or opt-out of other services.

Here’s the usual process of getting a quotation for your smart home! We recommend you take out a piece of paper and a pen, and start making notes and plans that you can share with us.

Important note: while filling out this form gives us an idea of what you’ll need, we understand that plans may change and quantities, too. Not to worry – we’re flexible in changing quantities before delivery, and have an easy returns process even after delivery. Ultimately, our sales team is very human and will be happy to speak with you, so just drop us a WhatsApp text if you want to clarify anything!

Step 1: Smart lighting

Smart Lighting will be achieved by replacing your lighting wall switches with smart switches. For this, we’ll need our homeowners to do a count of how many switches they will need, in terms of

  • 1 gang
  • 2 gang
  • 3 gang

Most electrical layouts will show such information. Also, when renovating, many IDs will add more lighting points and switches. These should be included as well. You may ask your ID or electrician to count the required switches for you.

As we have two models to choose from, the H1 and the D1, you may read this article to help you decide which model is right for you.

Note: you may choose not to install smart switches in some places (e.g. bomb shelter, helper’s room).

Neutral vs no-neutral

Light switches in all developments in Singapore do not have a neutral wire by default. We recommend clients to install neutral wiring if possible. However, it’s also ok not to. As neutral and no-neutral switches are different products, you should let us know which one you need.

More information on neutral vs no-neutral, and their implications:

Note: you can have a mix of neutral and no-neutral switches in your home

Two-way switches

This can be done with smart switches, albeit they may be wired differently. In your switch counting, you can ignore any 2-way switches – just count the gangs and switches as they are physically. We’ll share the details and methods of doing 2-way switches with our confirmed clients.

Water heater switch

This is not an Aqara product, and is not compatible with Apple Home, but our clients have expressed satisfaction with how this simple switch can improve their lives. Similarly, count the number of water heater switches you need.

Step 2: Smart Home Hubs

Our smart devices use a wireless technology called Zigbee to communicate with each other. However, they don’t talk directly with each other – they need to connect to a “Zigbee router”, or what we call an Aqara Hub.

As a “router”, Aqara Hubs are limited by range. You may need more hubs if your home is large, or has several storeys. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 1 hub per 500 sqft, and at least 1 hub per floor.

We have 4 different hubs to choose from. You may mix and match any of these hubs based on their extra functions.

  • Aqara E1 Hub: Just a hub (less range – around 300 sqft)
  • Aqara M2 Hub: Can control air-conditioners by emulating and beaming remote control IR signals to your aircon
  • Aqara G2H Pro Camera Hub: Works as a home monitoring camera (static camera, no pan/tilt controls)
  • Aqara G3 Camera Hub: Works as a home monitoring camera (with pan/tilt controls), and can also control airconditioners with IR beams.

Note: you may need less hubs if you have neutral switches, as neutral switches work as Zigbee repeaters

Step 3: Smart Sensors

Aqara sensors can be used to trigger automations, such as lights turning on when motion is detected, or air-conditioner turning off when window sensor is opened.

As these are wireless and battery operated, putting them in your home is easy and convenient. You can set these automations simply in app.

You should let us know if you want any of these sensors included.

Step 4: Smart Curtains

Our smart curtain control system is made up of

  1. A curtain motor
  2. A motorized track to hook the curtains

As these tracks are customized to lengths, we need you to let us know how many tracks you need, and in what lengths to be able to quote you.

For actual fabrication, we’ll need your curtain vendor (you’ll still need one as we do not do curtain fabrics) to give us the actual dimensions to fabricate.

If you prefer to work with one of our curtain partners, let us know.


  • Curtain motor requires power supply, usually in the form of a power socket nearer to the ceiling
  • Day and night curtains require 2 tracks + 2 motors
  • Maximum of 6m per track
  • Tracks can be centre open (2 sets of fabric that meets in the middle when closed) or lateral open (1 set of fabric that goes from left-to-right or vice versa)

There are other things to take note of, but for now, these are the initial information for us to create a quotation for you.

Step 5: Smart Door Lock

Choose between the Aqara A100 or Aqara D100 smart door locks. Their main differences are outlined in this article:

To confirm that our locks can be installed on your door, please share with us the following pictures of your existing door and lock:

  • FULL front
  • FULL back
  • Side of door
  • Door frame (locking area)

We also need to confirm that your door to gate distance is at least 9cm for A100, and 6cm for D100

Step 6: Services

Generally, our services include

  • Electrical switch installation
  • Curtain track installation
  • Door lock installation
  • App setup and configuration
  • Smart home consultancy services
  • Project management services

None of these services are included in the hardware prices above, and as different clients and projects require different levels of professional services, we have to quote for these services separately.

Generally, the only service that we consider necessary is door lock installation. The other installation services can be done by your electrician or curtain vendor, and the “soft” services can be done by yourself.

Step 7: Inputting the numbers

With the information above, it’s time to do some homework and fill out this form. Based on the answers we get from you in this form, we can generate a quotation for you!

If you aren’t sure about exact figures, measurements, or other details, don’t sweat it. We can deal with some guesswork first, and finetune it as we go along!

Step 8: Getting your quotation

Once all these steps are filled out, sit back and relax, and let us work out a quote for you. If you’d like to have your answers immediately, you can actually go ahead and order the items directly from our website’s product page – our quote will be exactly the same as you’ll get from our website! The only exception is for services – these are not quoted in our site and has to be separately quoted.

Thanks for considering us, and we look forward to getting these information from you!