Aqara D1 Switch Colour Faceplate

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Change the colour and appearance of your Aqara D1 Smart Switch with this removable faceplate.

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Easily change the colour of your Aqara D1 Smart Switches

Champagne and Space Grey Switches

Colours to Suit Your Home Design

We get it. Sometimes, white switches just don’t cut it, especially on your wooden laminates or painted walls. 

Sometimes, you just want a bit of colour to better suit your home’s design theme.

Whatever the reason, the Aqara D1 Switch Colour Faceplate will bring a little extra something to your interior. Choose between the Champagne and Space Grey colours to best suit your walls or cabinetry.

These faceplates are optional add-ons to your Aqara D1 Smart Switches – simply remove the default white faceplates, and install these coloured ones for a complete change in appearance – down to the perimeter rims.

  • This item is only a faceplate – the “outer shell” of an Aqara D1 Smart Switch
  • As such, this is NOT a smart switch in itself, and does not work as one
  • All Aqara D1 Smart Switches come with a White Faceplate in box, which can be replaced with these colour faceplates
  • These faceplates can also fit Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switches
Aqara D1 Switch Champagne 1-gang

A Quick and Easy Change

Aqara Switch D1 Colors

The Aqara D1 Faceplates are designed to be easily changed, without needing any screwing or drilling. 

Simply pop the existing faceplate out by inserting a flat-head screwdriver into the little tabs at the bottom, and pulling gently but firmly.

Take the new faceplate, and simply guide and push it into place.

If you’re installing switches, simply have these faceplates installed instead of the default white ones as part of the switch electrical installation process.

  • Changing switches can be dangerous. Please engage a professional electrician to install smart switches.
  • Removal of switch faceplates carry some electrical risk. Please take proper precautions, even for faceplate replacement.

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Champagne, Space Grey


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