Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 Batteries Packs

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Aqara rechargeable battery for Smart Door Lock D100

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Aqara D100 Digital Lock Battery is designed to deliver long-lasting power, ensuring that your digital lock operates seamlessly and provides you with the utmost security and convenience.


Long-lasting Performance: The Aqara D100 Digital Lock Battery is built to provide extended usage, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Compatible with Aqara D100 Digital Lock: This battery is specifically designed to perfectly fit and power the Aqara D100 Digital Lock model.

Enhanced Security: With a reliable power source, your Aqara D100 Digital Lock will remain functional, ensuring that your home stays secure at all times.

Convenient Installation: The battery is easy to install, saving you time and effort.


Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion), 2480mAh/17.85Wh

Voltage: 3V

Charge by usb C

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Weight 7 kg


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