Smart Wall Switches

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Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1 1-Gang (No-Neutral)

Single rocker (1 button)

Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1 2-Gang (No-Neutral)

Double rocker (2 buttons)

Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1 3-Gang (No-Neutral)

Triple rocker (3 buttons)


Used to turn your existing lighting smart. Smart wall switches are designed to be one-for-one replacements of your existing light switches, and installation only requires a screwdriver – no drilling or rewiring needed.

Selection of switches (and number of gangs) depends on the switches you are replacing. Choose the same number of gangs as those you’re replacing. To be clear: a switch is the square plate that houses the buttons (or rockers, or gangs). A 2-gang switch is a square with 2 buttons or rockers on it.


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