Air-con, Fan, and Appliance Control

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Aqara M2 Hub (Global Version)

Adds smart controls to any appliance with an infrared (IR) remote control. Gain remote offsite control, voice control, and automations by adding the appliance into the Aqara Home and Google Home apps. Note: added appliances will not show up in Apple Home.

Sensibo Air Smart Air-con Control

Make your air-con smart with scheduling, geofencing, and remote app & voice controls to save energy and maximize comfort. Works with almost any air-conditioner. Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa. Note: this is not an Aqara product and doesn't work as a hub. Choose this if you're specifically looking for HomeKit compatible Smart AC control.


Control your existing appliances using IR.

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Aqara M2 Hub (Global Version)

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Sensibo Air Smart Air-con Control

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