Aqara M3 Hub

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Multi-protocol hub for connecting Zigbee and Thread devices to the Aqara and Matter ecosystem. Features smart control of existing air-con systems that works with multiple platforms, including Apple Home.


Continuous Connectivity for Your Smart Devices

Experience Effortless Smart Living

The Hub M3 redefines smart home automation with its commitment to privacy and local operations—no internet or hub required. It offers versatile connectivity options such as dual-band Wi-Fi and PoE, and includes a 360° IR blaster that connects your AC to Matter, adjusting to real-time temperatures from the Climate Sensor. As a multiprotocol hub, it integrates seamlessly with Aqara and, for the first time, third-party Matter devices, ensuring both privacy and effortless setup.

Edge Computing & Effortless Local Control

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The M3 improves upon older Aqara hubs by moving automations from cloud to local*, enhancing stability and device management. Its “hub replacement” feature allows easy upgrades from older models, ensuring seamless automation and control.**

Support Multi Protocol and Matter

Experience effortless smart living with the M3 Hub, your one-stop solution for connecting Aqara Zigbee and Thread devices to the Matter ecosystem. No more worrying about wireless protocols; just enjoy the convenience and features of your smart devices.***

IR Controller Integration with Matter

Gain seamless control of your IR and AC Thermostat devices with the M3 through Matter, introducing Apple Home’s first IR support. Position the M3 near your air conditioner and see every remote adjustment, from temperature to settings, instantly reflected on the M3 app for a unified smart home experience.

Superior Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy faster speeds, better coverage, and more reliable internet with dual-band Wi-Fi and an RJ45 port, plus flexible power options through PoE and Type-C.****

Focus on Privacy and Encrypted Storage

The M3 enhances your privacy by keeping your data secure on the device itself, without uploading to the cloud, ensuring your personal information stays private.

Effortless Setup, Anywhere You Want

The M3 is designed for flexibility, offering various power and connectivity options plus easy app setup, making it user-friendly for beginners across different installation scenarios.*****

Powerful Speaker for Alerts and Announcements

The M3 hub comes with a speaker that not only plays sounds but also custom ringtones to meet your needs. For instance, it can automatically sound an alarm when the Motion and Light Sensor P2 detects someone, aligning perfectly with your requirements.


* Some automations will still require the cloud connection to be executed: – Push notifications – Weather and sunrise/sunset – Geofencing.

** The automations and scenes involving the migrated devices need to be re-configured in Matter and HomeKit; while cloud integrations such as Google Home and Alexa will retain all the configurations.

*** At launch, third-party device support is a Lab feature, limited to three brands, each supporting specific device types: Philips Hue (Single-Color, CCT, RGB CCT lights), Leviton (Electrical Switches and Dimmers), and Google Nest (Thermostats).

**** 2A USB power adapter is not included.

***** Ensure the number of obstacles between each device is minimized and appropriately add Zigbee repeaters to maximize the device’s relay capabilities.

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