Smart Home – Cote d’Azur, Marine Parade Singapore

Three Bedroom Condominium | Marine Parade, Singapore | 3 Adults

This project consisted of several smart switches controlling lights, and sensors to automate them. The owners also wanted to have a home monitoring camera.

Aqara Switch Singapore

This particular light switch has two gangs – one for the common bathroom, and one for the corridor. With these lights on smart switches, the owners got two motion sensors to automate their corridor and bathroom lights.

Aqara Motion Sensor

With this motion sensor positioned on the top of the door frame, any movement along the corridor triggers the lights, helping visibility and safety. At our clients’ request, we also set the condition for the motion trigger to only activate during the night, defined as local sunset time to local sunrise time.

Aqara G2H

Tying the smart devices together is an Aqara G2H Camera, which functions as the Zigbee hub! This camera was set up in Apple Home for streaming and recording to their iCloud.

Aqara TVOC Sensor

A TVOC sensor was mounted on the wall to provide real-time information about the temperature, humidity, and TVOC. You’ll notice the very low 26.4 temperature – this was without air-conditioning! Their apartment on a very high floor had very cool sea breezes, and a quick check on the sensor showed the benefits of living so high up and near the sea.

The TVOC on the other hand, needs some work. Our clients had some carpentry work done recently, and there was a slight smell of solvents lingering in the air. The TVOC sensor confirmed that the air quality wasn’t very good. We hoped that the sea breeze will clear out the TVOCs quickly!

Aqara Door Sensor

Lastly, our client had a recurring problem of accidentally leaving their fridge door open. This particular door of this fridge doesn’t beep when left opened, so there were a few occasions where the fridge with a door ajar left a pool of condensation on the floor after a while. To stop this from happening again, we recommended our Aqara door and window sensors to be placed on the fridge door, and an automation to send a notification to the clients when the door has been left open for more than 1 minute.

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