Apple Home Hubs

Apple TV Apple HomeKit Singapore

“What’s an Apple Home Hub?” We’re asked this quite regularly, usually by clients confused by the many devices being branded as “hubs”. An Apple Home Hub acts as a central “control server” for other HomeKit devices, and gives you remote access over them. It’s also the unit running your automations and other smart home processes … Read more

Aqara G2H and Xiaomi 360 Camera Compared

Xiaomi vs Aqara G2H camera

In our conversations with hundreds of customers, we’ve found that many, many people already have Xiaomi cameras at home. This isn’t surprising – we ourselves have used Xiaomi cameras when it first came out! Three years ago, it was almost the de facto choice for a home monitoring camera – affordable, easy-to-setup, and with an … Read more

Great Tech Gifts for Christmas

Tech gifts for christmas

With the holidays here, and Christmas right around the corner, we’ve been seeing many clients buying products from us as gifts for their friends and loved ones. However, as a smart home company with products that have to work as an integrated whole, not every products we carry is suitable as a gift. It’s no … Read more