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Did you see us on TV? As part of Channel NewAsia’s Money Mind series, we were interviewed on questions regarding the increasing adoption of smart homes by Singaporeans. With the film crew and producer, CNA filmed many of our smart devices in our showroom, including our lights, door locks, and curtains. Although the segment was … Read more

D100 Smart Lock Door Ajar Warning

D100 Door Ajar

The Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock is an electronically-operated, fully automated door lock. This means that it can achieve certain functions automatically, such as bolting your doors locked when your door is closed. As with any electronic device, these automations are easy to use and seems to be relatively easy to implement, but when … Read more

Delivery Methods and Timings

When you place an order with us, whether online or offline, we will use a delivery method we deem most appropriate. Generally, we use, at our discretion, the following local delivery options: Logistic partners such as Ninjavan, Qxpress, Grab, or Viamove Inhouse delivery with our own fleet Our delivery times are: Free shipping 2 – … Read more

Our Smart Home Packages

While our website and shop do show packages, the truth is that we hardly use them (except for the DIY Builder). Instead, we pride ourselves for offering fully flexible options based on individual products’ unit prices. This gives our clients the best value for their money as we do not include services and options that … Read more

Consistent errors on adding smart lock to Apple HomeKit

If you're consistently getting errors when scanning the HomeKit QR code of your door lock, you may want to try an alternative method which increases the success rate.



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Differences between the Smart Curtain Control and Curtain Driver

The Curtain Driver is meant for retrofit applications. That is, that they are meant to be conveniently installed into existing, non-smart tracks. The Homesmart Aqara Smart Curtain Control, on the other hand, is a fully integrated motor + track system that is built as a smart motorized control from the ground up. It has several … Read more

Can I install the Aqara smart door lock on my door?

The answer to this question varies on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the most important factor to consider is the distance of the door to the metal gate (if there’s a metal gate), or the metal gate handle if it’s on the same side. We’ll need at least 9cm for the Aqara N100 and A100, and … Read more