Smart Home – The Shaughnessy, Miltonia Close, Singapore

Landed 4-Storey + Basement | Yishun, Singapore | 2 Adults, 2 Kids

Our clients were renovating their new home in Yishun, a huge landed terraced house with a basement carpark and a roof garden. As smart home technology enthusiasts, they came to us looking for smart home technologies to integrate through their home. As iPhone users, they made a conscious choice to adopt Apple HomeKit as their smart home platform.

This project was quite a complete one, in terms of smart technologies. We supplied the full range of our smart devices – hubs, switches, sensors, locks, blind motors, and curtains.

Beyond that, our clients had a smart Haiku fan, wifi modules for their Mitsubishi air-conditioners, some smart LED strips for their cove lighting, a very nice Dyson Digital Slim, and a home blanketed with Linksys mesh wifi running on wired backhaul. More to come is a projector in their home theatre!

Aqara Singapore Stairway Switch
Light switches on 1F
Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch Light
Aqara D1 3-Gang Smart Switch in the TV room

A Smart Home

Our clients’ home had over 25 switches throughout the home, with a combined total of over 40 gangs controlling five floors of lights and fans. The plan was simple – change them all to smart switches! This would give our clients convenient, wireless controls from anywhere in their home; an important consideration when your home is five floors tall. Imagine being on the top floor and realizing you forgot to turn off the basement light!

All the switches in the home were swapped out to our Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switches.

Aqara Switch Kids Room
Basement Smart Switches

Also important is the automation part of a smart home – our clients decided to integrate motion sensors at the stairway area to turn the stairway lights automatically when someone passes by.

All these smart switches and sensors require hubs to connect to the smart home system. With multiple Aqara M2 Hubs placed all over the home, they acted as Zigbee routers to connect to all the smart devices, plus they are able to control other IR-controlled devices. It’s interesting to note that since our clients already had wifi modules built into their ACs, they didn’t need the M2 Hubs to control the aircon. However, there was an important role that these hubs could play.

Aqara M2 Hub Smart Home
Aqara M2 Hub next to Linksys mesh router

Choosing the Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock was easy, considering the whole Aqara setup they were already getting. With an entrance at the basement car park, and another entrance one the first floor, they needed two sets of locks. One feature of the Aqara N100 lock that was attractive to them was the integrated doorbell! Basically, when a visitor touches the doorbell sign on the lock, the lock itself will chime, and the smart home system would send a notification to the owners’ phones.

But a chime on the basement wouldn’t be heard on the top floor, so here’s where the M2 hubs come in. We set up an automation so that when the doorbell button is pressed, all the M2 Hubs throughout the house will chime!

Aqara Smart Lock
Aqara N100 Digital Door Lock in the basement

Lastly, rounding out the smart home setup were the Aqara G2H Camera Hubs – our client wanted Apple HomeKit Secure Video compatible cameras. They were placed at both entrances for monitoring and security purposes.

Singapore Digital Lock
N100 on the main entrance
Changing to digital lock
Lock – before
Aqara N100 Door Lock
Lock – after

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