G4 Doorbell Firmware Updates

Quick shout out to our many customers who are using the Homesmart.sg Aqara G4 Smart Video Doorbell camera – there are now two updates to get the best performance from your doorbell camera.

Latest Update: 4.0.1

Update logs:

  1. Event recording duration adjusted from a fixed 6 seconds to 6-12 seconds dynamic recording
  2. Supports NAS storage of SMB 3.0 protocol
  3. Fixed the issue where the video cover would show a black screen after refreshing in some cases
  4. Added a control switch for cloud recording in the doorbell and forced dismantling alarm function
  5. Fixed the issue where MicroSD card recording could not select the recording mode
  6. Optimized the occasional problem of incomplete cloud recording
  7. Fixed other issues and improved system stability

Before this update, the version was 3.5.2. Some of our customers with earlier sets came with an even earlier firmware, and will need to update to 3.5.2 before they can update to 4.0.1. The update notes of 3.5.2 are as follows:

Prior Update: 3.5.2

Update logs:

  1. Fixed the noise of 2-way audio caused by microphone volume gain abnormality
  2. Optimize video quality and improve image brightness
  3. Fix the problem of excessive power consumption under some abnormal conditions
  4. Fixed known issues

How to update

  1. Look for the G4 doorbell under the Accessories menu (bottom tab) in the app.
  2. Tap on it, then tap on the three-dot icon on the top right.
  3. Scroll down to Version, tap on that, let it look for the newest firmware, and tap Upgrade.
  4. Remember, if the first firmware offered is 3.5.2, you’ll have to do this twice.

Note to customers

While updates do get pushed automatically if you had opted for that, we still recommend users to regularly enter the app and manually start updates, just in case. Updates bring about better performance and security, and should be done as soon as possible, if not automated.

In the case for the G4 doorbell, overall user experience and loading speeds have improved, and you should also see a slightly better battery life. The other features in the 4.0.1 update should also be useful for the customers who want the option and flexibility for NAS support and to get longer dynamic recording times.

What’s the G4 Doorbell?

If you’re here inadvertently and wondering about this product, do check our product page below, or take a look at our quick guide to the doorbell camera. Psst… it’s a smart doorbell camera giving you the possibility of video recordings, real-time speaking to visitors, and integration into Apple Home and most smart home platforms!

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