Aqara Camera E1 Singapore Launch

The Aqara Camera E1 has been released in Singapore! This affordable camera packs a lot of features into a small package, and works out to be a great option for an all-round home monitoring camera. Here’s some notable features.

Pan / Tilt Function

Aqara E1 Camera Singapore

This is Aqara’s second camera to support pan / tilt function! What this means is that the camera has motors which can move the lens up, down, left, and right, allowing you to view the angles you want to view. You can do this remotely, using the Aqara Home app.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video means the Camera E1 is able to utilize Apple’s secure video streaming, end-to-end encrypted technology, plus the possibility to store the video to iCloud (iCloud storage subscription required). Access the camera feed directly in the Apple Home app.

The camera also supports Google Home, Alexa, and the Aqara app, of course.

Many Storage Options

Aqara Singapore Camera E1

The Camera has a microSD card slot, supporting up to 512 GB of storage space! Besides that, you can record to Aqara Cloud, iCloud, or NAS.

It’s Not a Hub

Unlike the Aqara G2H Pro and the Aqara G3, it’s important to point out that this camera does not function as a Zigbee hub.

AI Functions

One shortcoming of the Apple Home app, when it comes to any of its cameras, is the lack of any pan/tilt controls. You can overcome this problem by using the Camera E1’s onboard AI – it can recognize humans in its view, and can automatically pan and tilt to track the person. You have to set this up with the Aqara Home app, but once done, Apple Home will show the tracking.

Price and Availability

One big draw of this camera is its affordability. At $99, it’s the most affordable camera in Aqara’s range! It’s now available at – enjoy exclusive discounts like free delivery and other discounts when you check out.

You can read more information about the camera at the Aqara Camera E1 product page.

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