Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2

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A Matter-compatible contact sensor based on Thread to detect the opened / closed state of doors and windows. Triggers automations and notifications.


Matter-compatible, battery-operated contact sensor to give real-time status of doors and windows.

Smart, Iconic Door Sensor

Open and Closed Status Monitoring

Stay informed and secure with real-time notifications on your smartphone whenever the sensor detects activity. You’ll never miss a potential security threat and keep everything under control, whether you’re at home or away.

Its small, battery-powered form factor means it’s possible to use this almost anywhere in your home – and looks inconspicuous too. It works with normal doors, casement windows, sliding doors and windows, and even drawers.

It’s easy to stick these sensors to any of your doors and windows with the included adhesive tapes.


  • A Thread Border Router, such as a HomePod Mini is required.
  • As this product does not use Zigbee, it does NOT connect to Aqara Zigbee Hubs with no Thread functionality (does not work with M2, M1S, E1, G2H, or G3).
  • It can only be added to the Aqara Home app with a compatible Aqara Hub that supports Thread (Aqara Hub M3, estimated launch in early 2024).
Thread Contact Sensor Singapore

Local Home Automation

Matter over Thread Door Window Sensor

You can integrate the Door and Window Sensor P2 with your smart home ecosystem to enable advanced automations like adjusting thermostat settings or activating security cameras when a door or window is opened.

It can also trigger simple lighting automations on a door open or close, such as on a wardrobe door.

Moreover, the automations are executed locally without cloud, which can protect the users’ privacy and will keep working even if there is no internet connection.

Matter over Thread

Entering the Matter era, users no longer need to worry about different ecological platforms and technical protocols, and only need a Matter app and Matter-compatible Thread Border Router. This means that connections across ecosystems and platforms become simpler and easier.
Matter Door and Window Sensor

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