Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1 (No-Neutral)

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Easily give your existing lights smart controls, simply by replacing your switches. Gain new ways to control, interact with, and automate your lights.


Wired wall switch designed to easily replace your switches and bring smart control to your existing lights

A Smart Switch Designed to Turn You On

New Ways to Light up your Life

Aqara smart switches give you unprecedented control over your home’s lighting – conveniently turn your lights on and off by using apps, wireless buttons, automations, sensor triggers, and voice control. Gain the ability to remotely change your lights at home, even when you’re not.

The Aqara or Apple smart home system allows you to organize your lights into rooms and groups, and create preset scenes. Have your entire home’s lights change, in the manner of your choosing, with a single voice command, or just one push of a button.

Maybe most importantly – you’ll never lose the ability to just flick the switch on and off with your fingers. The Aqara smart switch will always work physically, even without internet, wifi, or a hub.

  • Smart controls require an Aqara Hub.
  • Remote (offsite) control require internet connectivity at both sides.
Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1

As Easy as ABC

The Aqara Smart Switch is designed to be a one-for-one direct replacement of your existing light switches, using the standard 86mm square size found throughout Singapore. 

Changing the switch is a ten-minute job requiring only a screwdriver – no need for drilling or rewiring. 

Since it’s a direct replacement, you’ll have a new switch installed with no obvious sign that anything has changed. 

Two-way switch? No problem. Your electrician will be able to install the Aqara smart switch on one side, and permanently close the circuit on your second switch. In the place of the second switch, you can put an Aqara wireless mini switch, giving you the exact same function as before – wirelessly.

  • We recommend having a licensed electrician to change your switches for you.

Beautiful Design. Tactile Feedback.

The Aqara smart wall switch boasts a minimalist appearance designed for simple functionality. Large rocker buttons make up the entire face of the switch. It’s easy to find and press the switch, even in the dark. The spring-powered rockers give a satisfying, tactile response to every press – exactly how a switch should feel. And tiny LEDs show the status of each switch.

They don’t look smart, and maybe, that’s for the best.

A No-Neutral Switch with Safety in Mind

This is the No-Neutral version of the Aqara Smart Switch. Generally, switches can be divided into those which needs a neutral wire, and those which doesn’t. If you’re swapping out existing switches, the switch you need is dictated by the switch you already have, as a switch with a neutral line will not work with a no-neutral switch, and vice versa.

In Singapore, most households are using no-neutral switches.

Confused? Or certain that you need neutral switches? Get in touch!

The Aqara Smart Switch adopts V-0 grade flame-retardant PC panel, and has been tested to be able to withstand high temperature.

It’s built to last – and has undergone extensive stress tests to withstand up to 100,000 times of physical presses.

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