Aqara Ceiling Light L1

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A ceiling light with premium, accurate colour-rendering LEDS with smart controls for brightness and colour temperature. Supports Apple Home Adaptive Lighting.

Works Well Together

Aqara Wireless Knob Switch H1

A wireless rotary dial switch that can be used as a smart dimmer to control the brightness or colour temperature of your smart lights.

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Ceiling light suitable for rooms up to 20 sqm, with smart brightness and white spectrum controls.

Main Lighting To Suit Your Mood

Bright, Dim, Warm - Whatever You Need

The Aqara Ceiling Light L1 is a thoughtfully designed ceiling light that’s bound to be the centerpiece of any room.

Built with premium LED modules with accurate colour-rendering, and the ability to dim, brighten, and change from cool to warm whites, it also has the ability to transform your room, with the ambience that you need.

Fully integrated with smart controls and compatible with major smart home platforms like Apple Home, the Aqara Ceiling Light L1 isn’t just functional – it’s usable. Control of the lights can be a simple tap of your phone, or a turn of a rotary dial


Works with Apple HomeKit
Smart Ceiling Light Singapore

Adjusting Brightness and Colour Temperature

Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1-350

The Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1 is a versatile lighting solution that adapts to your specific needs. With its customizable dimming feature, you can effortlessly adjust the brightness to suit any occasion. Whether you require a bright environment for focused work or a soothing ambience to wind down before bed, these smart bulbs have you covered.

The Aqara Ceiling Light also offers various options for automated adjustments. You can set specific times for the lights to brighten, such as at 8pm, and dim at 10pm, serving as a gentle signal to mark the end of the day.

Colour temperatures can be set from 2700K to 6500K. This means you can enjoy the warm, cozy glow of very warm white lights during nighttime hours, creating a relaxing atmosphere. When you need to boost your concentration or engage in daytime activities, the bulbs can produce cool, invigorating white lights.

An Integrated Part of Your Smart Home

As part of your Aqara Smart Home, your smart light can also react to motion sensors, door sensors, time-of-day, geolocations, or as part of scenes. As an example, your light can dim on a Movie Time scene.

Achieve easy, seamless control with an Aqara Smart Knob Switch H1, which features a clickable rotary dial.

To turn on and off, click the dial.

Want to dim? Simple – just rotate the dial to set your preferred brightness.

Prefer a warmer light? Press the dial down, and rotate.

Besides Aqara Home, the Aqara LED Smart Light Bulbs are compatible and can be controlled with Apple Home.

Apple HomeKit Adaptive Lighting

Experience the seamless integration Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology. By enabling this feature in the Apple Home app, the ceiling light automatically adjusts its colour temperature based on the time of day, providing cooler tones at noon and warmer hues in the evenings.

When you dim the light, it naturally transitions to a warmer tone, creating a cozy atmosphere.

These adjustments occur effortlessly and automatically, even after power cycles, eliminating the need for additional automations to achieve the desired color temperature for morning and evening lighting. 


Model: ZNXDD01LM
Input: 220 V~50 / 60 Hz 0.15 A Max
Power: 24W (48 x 1 W / LED Module)
Color Rendering Index: Ra > 90
Blue Light Level: RG0
Dimensions: 350 x 60 mm (diameter x height)
Color Temperature: 2700 K – 6500 K
Wireless Protocol: Zigbee
Protection Level: IP40
Power Factor: >0.9
Covering Area: 5 ~ 20 sqm

Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1
Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1

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2 reviews for Aqara Ceiling Light L1

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nurul Huda

    I like being able to dim the lights with my phone. Also solved my headache of choosing which type of whiteness I should get when I was still considering dumb lights. Now can adjust whatever I want.

  2. 5 out of 5


    A bit on the smaller side so worked well in my toilet. Don’t think it’s bright enough for a big room.

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