Simple Setup and Configuration with Apple Home and Aqara Home

$299.00 incl. GST

Basic setup and configuration of your bundle, with the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Also includes setup for the Aqara Home app. Setup of Siri voice control. Apple Home requires an Apple Home Hub for many features.

Limited to 1 hour of onsite service.



Smart home systems and apps are becoming very user-friendly, and most can be done by the user. However, we understand if you’d prefer to let our specialists set up your system for you.

This one-time service includes the following:

  • Suggesting and placing smart home components into your home
  • Downloading and creating an Aqara App account
  • Adding smart home components into the Aqara App and account on your phone
  • Guiding you through creating automations and linking wireless buttons

This service does NOT include:

  • Wired wall switch installation
  • Any other installation requiring hacking, drilling, and wiring
  • Creating automations for you
  • Managing your smart home for any period of time
  • Creating and managing an Apple Home

The price on display is for 2 hours of onsite service. Further time required will be billed by the hour or part thereof.


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