tado° Smart Air-con Control V3+

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Smart air-conditioner control that works with Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa. Maximize comfort and save energy.

Smart Air-conditioner Control

Save Energy and Maximise Comfort

tado° works with all air-conditioners with an infrared remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings. Adapt your cooling to suit your routine, adjust temperatures with local weather forecasts, and never cool an empty home, or the neighbourhood. It’s all part and parcel of the skills built into the tado° Smart AC Control.

  • As IR beams cannot pass through walls, a tado° Smart AC control can only automate the units within the same room, limited by a maximum range of 10m.
  • This is not an Aqara product, and cannot be added to the Aqara Home app.

Adapt your cooling to suit your routine

Full Air-con Automations

Aircon Smart Schedule

With Smart Schedules, tado° lets you plan your desired day and night-time temperatures in time blocks, based on your routine.

Cool Less when the Sun don't Shine

Energy-saving. Better Comfort.

tado° Smart AC takes local weather forecasts into account. On cloudy days, your home will be cooled less than on sunny days to save energy.

Smart Aircon Singapore Weather

Breathe Healthier Air with tado°

Outdoor Air Quality and Indoor Comfort Combined.

Smart AC Air Comfort

With the Air Comfort Skill, tado° advises you on how to keep the air in your home healthy. It also gives you insights about the outdoor air quality. 

Never Cool an Empty Home

Geolocations For Better Automations

With Geofencing, tado° reminds you to turn off your air-conditioner when the last person leaves home, and to start cooling in time for the first person’s arrival.
Geofencing smart Aircon singapore

Don't Pay to Cool the Neighbourhood

Open Window Detection

Smart airconditioner window detection
tado° detects open windows and reminds you to turn down your air-conditioner to save more energy.

Your Cooling, now on your Phone

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Control your cooling from anywhere with the tado° app. Get instant access to your home’s temperature, cooling activity, and Energy Savings Report.
Tado Thermostat V3

Voice Controls. Home Automations

Your Smart Home, Future Proof

Easily control your home’s cooling with voice commands and smart home apps. tado° works with all major smart home platforms – Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Works with Apple, Google, and Alexa Homes

Try out all tado° features in the demo version of the free app.

Install it Effortlessly

The tado° Smart AC Control V3+ connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi and controls your air-con via infrared signals. You won’t need an internet bridge or a hub. Place your tado° Smart AC control on a wall or table, and set it up using the user-friendly app with intuitive controls.

About tado°

Leading in intelligent climate solutions

tado° GmbH is a German technology company headquartered in Munich. As a manufacturer of high-tech smart home thermostats and air conditioning controls, tado° is a leader in smart technology for home climate control and has solutions for every household.

Smart Airconditioner pioneer

State of the Art

tado° is a pioneer when it comes to intelligent climate solutions and sets the standards. Our state-of-the-art technology is continuously developed.

Smart Aircon Compatibility

Works Everywhere

tado° is a cross-manufacturer solution and is compatible with almost all heating systems from a wide range of manufacturers. In addition, we work closely with energy and installation companies.

Customer Satisfaction Tado

Market Leader

Over one million installed devices, top customer ratings on Amazon, and satisfied customers from all over the world recommend tado°.

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3 reviews for tado° Smart Air-con Control V3+

  1. 5 out of 5


    replaced my sensibo with this so can work with my apple home. cheaper and better.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Xavier W

    Finally found an aircon controller that works with Apple HomeKit! I really like that there’s a way to control aircon from the screen.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Anson Teo

    got a few units to make sure that the aircons in my house will turn off when everyone goes out. geolocation works pretty well on the tado app.

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