Aqara Wireless Knob Switch H1

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A wireless rotary dial switch that can be used as a smart dimmer to control the brightness or colour temperature of your smart lights.


Battery-operated, wireless switch with a dial - for finetuning your smart lights

Smart Lighting and Curtain Control

Just Turn the Dial

The Aqara Wireless Rotary Knob Switch H1 is based on the same premium design of the Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1. Its rotary dial supports the adjusting of your Aqara smart lighting, controlling the brightness or colour temperature of one of your lights – or all of them.

You can also press the knob to assign another action, usually turning the same light(s) on and off. 

Also supports double press and long press.

  • An Aqara Smart Hub is required.
  • To work dependably, the Aqara H1 Wireless Switch needs to be in wireless range of the hub it is connected to.
  • Only available in White.
Aqara Wireless Rotary Dimmer Switch

Control Multiple Accessories

Aqara Smart Knob Switch Rotary Dial Wireless

Every action of the Aqara Wireless Rotary Knob Switch H1 can be assigned to a device, or a group of devices. Each individual action can be configured to totally distinct commands, even scenes. 

This means that turning the dial can control a group of smart lightings’ brightness, while a long press can trigger a “Good night” scene.

Pressing the dial and turning it at the same time opens up yet another possibility.

You can also configure turning the dial to open or close your smart curtains in a finetuned degree.

  • Control can only be achieved through other smart devices in your Aqara Home or Apple Home.

Simple, Luxurious Design

Aqara Wireless Rotary Knob Switch H1 is designed with a clean aesthetic, with no frills or superfluous elements. 

The dial rotates with just the right amount of resistance, and can be pressed down with a satisfying click.

The soft, white LED ring at the base of the dial lights up when pressed or controlled, giving it an air of sophistication.

Controlling your smart lights never felt so good.

Aqara Wireless Button

Designed To Fit Anywhere

Aqara Smart Dimmer Switch

Powered with two CR2032 batteries that gives it up to 3 years of battery life, the Aqara H1 Wireless Knob Switch requires no wires or concealing. 

Place the wireless switch anywhere. Use the mounting tape and stick it to the wall. You can also mechanically fix it to a wall or carpentry using screws. Or don’t fix it at all – the wireless switch also looks good placed on a table.

With its 86x86mm square face plate, it’s the exact size of standard switches in Singapore. This means that the Aqara H1 Knob Switch can be placed over existing switch boxes, if the box is no longer in use by a wired wall switch.

Smart Control with Apple Home

The Aqara H1 Wireless remote Switch works with other Apple HomeKit-enabled accessories in the Apple Home app, so you can even control smart devices from across brands in one press.

  • Other devices from Apple may be required to set up an Apple Home.
  • Turning the rotary knob is not an action supported by Apple Home – that action can only be configured within Aqara Home, for other Aqara devices.
Apple HomeKit

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1 review for Aqara Wireless Knob Switch H1

  1. 5 out of 5


    Was surprised to learn it supports so many actions! I configured it to my floor lamp with the Aqara bulb, so it can dim and also change from warm to cool. Almost no lag time!

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