Aqara LED Strip T1 Launch

We’re excited to launch our latest innovative product – the Aqara LED Strip T1. Beyond being just a light strip, this is a step forward in redefining home ambience.

Key Features

  • 16 Million Colour Options: With the RGB LEDs, transform any room to match your mood.
  • White Spectrum LEDs: Separate from RGB LEDs for precise and clear lighting when it’s all about clarity.
  • Addressable RGB Lighting: Different colours on different segments? Absolutely.
  • Dynamic Effects: Strobe, pulse, or enjoy a fluid transition of colours, offering a modern touch to your space. Great for parties!
  • Simple Installation: With an included 3-pin power adapter and double-sided mounting tape, setup is straightforward.
  • Flexible Length: Cut it or extend using the Aqara LED Strip T1 Extensions to fit any space perfectly.
  • Unified Compatibility: Effortlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Matter (note: this is a Zigbee product and will require an Aqara Zigbee Hub)

Apple users, here’s a notable mention: this light strip integrates with Apple HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. This feature intuitively adjusts the light’s colour temperature throughout the day. Start with fresh, cool tones in the morning, and as evening approaches, relax with warmer shades. It’s smart lighting that truly resonates with your daily rhythm.

Aqara LED Strip T1 White Spectrum

What’s in the box?

Aqara Smart LED Strip
Not pictured: SG 3-pin power point

Every Aqara LED Strip T1 product includes:

  • Light Strip (2 m) × 1
  • SG 3-pin Power Adapter × 1
  • Controller × 1
  • User Manual × 1

There’s also an Aqara LED Strip T1 Extension. This product only includes a 1-metre long light strip.

Why are there two products?

The Aqara LED Strip T1 is the main product (or base unit) that provides the foundational lighting features, and includes the power plug, AC adapter, and controller.

The Aqara LED Strip T1 Extension (1m) is an additional offering to let users all to the length of their setup. This way, you have more control over the size and layout of your lighting solution.

How it all works

Let’s say you’ve done a measurement, and you’ll need a 4.6m long LED strip for your setup. What you’ll need:

You’ll need to set up the Aqara LED Strip T1 base unit as per normal. After that, simply connect the 3 strips of 1-metre extensions end-to-end, to create an LED strip of total 5m length.

You want 4.6m, so at the very last extension piece, you’ll have to cut the strip at the 60cm mark. This makes your total set up like this:

2m base unit > 1m extension > 1m extension > 0.6m extension (cut)
For a total of 4.6m

Do note that you must cut at the scissor mark which appears on every 20cm of the LED strip. Do NOT cut anywhere else, as it will render the light strip inoperable, and will not be covered under warranty. This means that if your calculation is 4.7m, you’ll have to decide between 4.6m or 4.8m.

At the end of this, you’ll need to use your Aqara Home app to set it up, and configure it to the length you’ve created so that the dynamic effects will work on the full length of your strip.

Some notes:

  • Each Light Strip T1 can only be extended up to a maximum of 10 metres.
  • If you require light strips in different areas, you’ll need to purchase a base unit Aqara LED Strip T1 for each place, and extensions for that area.
  • Extensions do NOT work standalone.

Buy Now

To get started on your smart RGB lighting, simply check out these products in the quantities you need, based on the guide above. As retail products, setup is a breeze and doesn’t require and special installation, and doesn’t require any tools – just a power point. Our shop ships out orders within 3 business days!

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