D100 Smart Lock Door Ajar Warning

D100 Door Ajar

The Homesmart.sg Aqara D100 Smart Door Lock is an electronically-operated, fully automated door lock. This means that it can achieve certain functions automatically, such as bolting your doors locked when your door is closed. As with any electronic device, these automations are easy to use and seems to be relatively easy to implement, but when … Read more

Homesmart Smart Curtains

Homesmart Smart Curtain Singapore

The Homesmart.sg Smart Curtains remain one of our most popular smart products, and we find that smart curtains do add a lot of convenience and practicality to any smart home. Drawing curtains is an unavoidable chore – most times, you’d open curtains in the morning, and close them at night. Putting this on a motorized … Read more

Aqara Motion Sensor vs Aqara Motion Sensor P1

Aqara motion sensor vs Aqara Motion Sensor P1

With Aqara’s rapid growth and innovation, we’re starting to see many new products that either replace an older version (like the G2H Pro replacing the G2H), or released as a higher-end version to coexist with an older product (G3 and G2H Pro cameras; H1 vs D1 switches). Even the humble motion sensor isn’t spared! Aqara’s … Read more

Aqara D1 and H1 Wall Switches – How To Choose?

Aqara H1 vs D1

Update 10/11/2022: The long-awaited Aqara H1 3-gang switches are finally available, in both neutral and no-neutral versions! With two different switch models in hand, a common question we’ve been getting from clients is – what’s the difference? Which should I choose? We’ll try to explain the differences between the two switches here! The two Aqara … Read more