Group Buy FAQ

  • How do I utilize my group buy discount?

    You should have received a coupon code in the mailbox of the email you had used to register for the group buy.

    You can use this coupon code to purchase items at our online shop with the group buy discount rate that you and your neighbours had managed to unlock.

    To use the group buy coupon, add items as required into your cart. When checking out, you’ll be able to enter a coupon code – you’ll have to manually enter the coupon code from your email to enjoy the discount. You should see the Totals change in your order to reflect the discount.

    Do take note of the terms and conditions of the group buy, and that of the coupon itself. Most importantly, the coupon code has a validity period as stated in your email.

  • Will you be increasing prices to reflect the GST hike for 2023?

    Generally, yes. We’ll be following a new price structure to reflect the increase in GST rate. However, it will not be a flat 1% increase in prices. You’ll find that some items will stay at the same price, while some may increase at levels between 0.5 to 2%. Averaged out, it should be about 1%.

    We’re unable to share the 2023 pricing.

  • Can I place an order to secure the 2022 prices, but have the items delivered and installed in 2023?

    You may place an order earlier to secure the lower price, but all orders at the 7% GST rate must be delivered within 2022. This also means that your warranty will start on the delivered date.

    For door locks, it is possible to delay the installation till 2023, but the locks will have to be delivered in 2022. In this case, warranty starts on the installation date.

  • Can my group buy discount work with your other promos?

    Your group buy discount can be used in conjunction with our bulk discounts and 3% PayNow discount. However, group buy discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with other promos that require a coupon code.

    All discount rates will be stacked as a simple summation. For example, if you have a 10% group buy discount, and a 6% bulk order discount, and a 3% PayNow discount, you will have a 19% discount off your total.

  • Can I use my group buy discount on your other shopping channels?

    No, the only way to utilize the group buy discount is by using your coupon code on our online store.

  • If I wish to buy more items after my first purchase, will I still be eligible for the Group Buy discount?

    No, group buy discount codes are one-time-use only. 

  • I won’t be able to confirm my purchase within the validity period. What should I do?

    You may want to confirm and purchase some of the ‘fixed’ items – door lock, hubs, cameras, and smart curtains. We can hold on to your purchase and fabricate / deliver / install later (see note above on the GST hike – for orders made in 2022, all items must be delivered in 2022.).

    Alternatively, you may start a new group buy for your estate and invite neighbours who are in the same situation as you.

  • How should I integrate my home with your smart home products?

    It’s a simple process of deciding what functions you want in your home, purchasing the products for that function, installing the products, and setting them up in the app. Except for installations, the rest are easy and possible to DIY.

    We recommend reading our definitive Smart Home guide on how smart homes can improve your life, and how to make some of the key decisions on building a smart home.

  • Do you have smart home packages?
    We do have some standard packages, but since every home has different requirements, it makes more sense (and is cheaper) for you to purchase items in the quantities you need (ala carte style). You can check our guide on how to choose the appropriate hardware for your needs, and the quantities you’ll require. Or you can go through our DIY Smart Home Builder.
  • Do your prices on your site include installation and set up?

    No, prices on our site are hardware only. We’ve found that installations can easily and affordably be contracted to your ID/contractor/electrician, and app setup can be completed by yourself. Besides, we like seeing our clients really own their smart homes by getting familiar with the system through hands-on experience. To us, buying hardware, getting your own electrician to install switches, and setting everything up yourself offers the best balance of affordability, investment, and long-term ownership.

  • Do I need neutral or no-neutral switches?
    Your development does not have neutral wires in the switches. You will need no-neutral switches, unless you intend to add neutral wires (recommended). For more information on neutral vs no-neutral, please read this article about the differences, and how each works.
  • Can you install switches for me, or add neutral for me?

    Switch installation is a chargeable extra which we can quote after you checkout on our page. Generally, you should just ask your own contractor / electrician to install the switches for you – this usually ends up being cheaper for our customers.

    We cannot add neutral wires for you, please check with your electrician for that.

  • How do I configure the smart devices after installing them?

    Download the app, and follow the instructions. There’s a learning curve, and you’ll probably need to spend some time finding out certain things. Alternatively, you can ask us to quote for your app setup and configuration separately after purchasing the items.

  • How do I arrange for installation of my door lock?

    Get in touch with us on WhatsApp to arrange for a date. It’s better to schedule about 2 weeks in advance.

    If you and your neighbours are able to coordinate and schedule 4 lock installations in one day, each customer will receive a $30 store credit coupon.

  • Can your locks be used on gates? Do you have a gate lock?

    No, our locks cannot be used on gates. We do not have any gate locks.


  • How can I see the products?
    You can make an appointment with us to meet us at our office/factory at 9 Gul St 4, Singapore 629238. Please note that an appointment is strictly necessary.
  • Can I make an appointment to meet and speak to the sales staff for further consultation?

    You can make an appointment by getting in touch with us on WhatsApp. However, it may not be necessary to make a physical visit. Also, while we’ll be happy to show you how our products and apps work, personalized smart home consultations (where we go into detail on the specifics of your home and requirements) are a chargeable extra. 70% of our clients do not make any physical visits to our office, and this is one of the ways we keep prices low for our customers.

  • Do you do site visits?
    We only do site visits as part of our smart home consultation services, which we can quote you separately for. Most homes (99%) do not require a site visit.
  • If I engage my own electrician to install the switches, can your team guide him or her?

    We can send you some of our electrical installation guides that you can share with your electrician. Other than that, we generally do not provide specialized support for switch installations to clients and their electricians.