Aqara A100 Zigbee Smart Lock (International Edition)

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Highly secure smart door lock with support for Apple Home Keys and Google Home, along with other unlocking methods such as biometric prints and PINs.

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Secure, smart door lock integrated into your smart home system, with support for Apple Home Keys.

Your Unbreakable Smart Home Guardian

The Aqara A100 is a mortise-style, highly secure smart door lock featuring a very ergonomic design and extensive smart features. It supports multiple users, and each user can be given multiple ways to unlock – such as biometric fingerprints, personal PIN codes, and NFC devices. It also allows setting up of temporary PIN codes, or even remote unlocking using the Apple Home app.

The Aqara A100 has an in-built Apple security chip to support Apple Home Keys and Apple HomeKit. Unlock your door with your Home Key stored in your Apple Wallet – simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock. You can also see the lock status on the Apple Home app.

  • An Aqara Smart Hub is required for smart home integrations. Hub is not required for standalone use.
  • Apple HomeKit support may require additional Apple devices.
  • Apple Home Keys support may require additional Apple devices.
  • Price includes installation on standard wooden doors only. Additional charges may apply for special installation requirements – e.g. aluminium doors.
  • Does not work with all doors. Contact us to see if this lock can be installed in your door.

Lightning Quick Biometric Entry

Unlock Your Door in 0.8 Seconds, in One Motion

With the fingerprint reader built directly into the door handle, unlocking the Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock is quick and natural. With a biometric identification speed of 0.3 seconds, plus a super-fast unlocking cylinder that takes a mere 0.5 seconds, unlocking your door isn’t just keyless – it’s instantaneous.

And with an identification rate of 98.6%, the A100 responds naturally and eliminates false fingerprints.

Aqara A100 Singapore

Apple Home Keys Support

Your Super Secure Keys - on your Wrist

Aqara A100 Zigbee Apple HomeKey

The Aqara A100 has full support for Apple’s newest home security technology – Apple Home Keys. Add a home key to your Apple Wallet, and your iPhone and Apple Watch will now act as keys. Simply place your device near the Aqara A100 to unlock it.

Apple Home Keys support two modes – Express Mode, which unlocks the door with a quick tap; or a more secure mode which requires Face ID or Passcode before the door unlocks.

  • Apple Home Keys require an iPhone (XR or XS and later – see compatible list). Supports Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

Multiple Users and Unlocking Methods

Quick, Secure Entry for Family and Friends

The Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock supports multiple users, each with their own PIN codes, fingerprints, and NFC devices. Store up to 50 fingerprints, 50 PIN codes, and 25 NFC devices. Users can be set with different access levels.

As part of your smart home, the smart lock can also be locked and unlocked with the Aqara Home and Apple Home apps. It can also be unlocked with Google Assistant.

In addition, the Aqara A100 also supports temporary PIN codes which can be generated offline, and mechanical keys.

User management is easily configured through the Aqara Home app, even remotely. Adding or removing individual PINs, fingerprints, and NFC cards is straightforward and easy.

  1. Biometric Fingerprint
  2. PIN codes
  3. Apple Home Keys
  4. NFC cards
  5. App unlock with Apple Home and Aqara Home
  6. Voice unlock with Siri or Google Assistant
  7. One-time Passcodes
  8. Periodic Passcodes
  9. Remotely Configurable Passcodes

Maximum Security

Durable Construction; Secure Features

The Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock was developed to provide maximum security.

  • Door locks automatically when closed
  • Anodized aluminium construction for superior durability
  • Highly secure cylinder
  • Multiple bolts – 1 door bolt, 3 main lock bolts, and 1 master lock bolt
  • Damage sensors prevents tampering of the front panel
  • Electromagnetic protection against tesla coil attacks
  • Anti-peep passwords – input random numbers together with PIN code to preserve PIN secrecy
  • Alarms and notifications when door is unlocked or ajar
Digital Lock Aqara Singapore

Integrated Into Your Smart Home

Not Just Digital - It's Smart.

Smart Digital Lock A100

The Aqara A100 Smart Door Lock isn’t just a digital, keyless lock. It’s a connected entry system that’s fully integrated into your smart home. 

  • Get real-time status of lock states in Aqara Home or Apple Home.
  • Get notifications and records of locking and unlocking activities.
  • Supports locking and unlocking with Apple Home, Apple Home Keys, and Google Assistant.
  • Lock can trigger automations of other smart devices.
  • Lock can arm or disarm your smart security system.
  • Zigbee 3.0 support.
  • 18 month battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used on a metal gate? 

No. Anyone reaching into the ‘inside’ handle will be able to unlock your door.

My space between gate and door is quite small. How much space do I need?

The Aqara A100 has a depth of almost 8cm. We recommend at least 9cm of space. If you have less than 9cm of space but more than 6cm, we recommend the Aqara D100.

Can I use this lock if I have those long, vertical handlebars?

No, they’ll get in the way of the lock handle. You can remove the handlebars (our installers can do that, too), or you can consider the Aqara D100.

Is Apple Home Key the same as Apple HomeKit?

No, Apple Home Keys is a new feature announced by Apple in 2021. It allows you to unlock your door by tapping your iPhone to the lock.

What’s the difference between the Aqara N100 and the Aqara A100?

We wrote an article detailing the differences.

Can I tap my Android/Samsung/Huawei phone/watch to unlock my door?

No, the Aqara A100 onlys supports tapping with a phone or watch NFC via Apple Home Keys, which requires an Apple phone or watch.

I am currently using a digital lock. Can I change to this lock?

Yes! However, different locks are different sizes. Sometimes, holes may be left behind which can be patched and covered up.

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