Aqara LED Strips (with Smart Module)

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Range of Smart LED Light Strips, with smart controls for brightness and white colour temperatures; for professional installations. Supports Apple Home Adaptive Lighting.

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LED Strips controlled with a smart module, with a choice of light strips

Brilliant Lighting; Smart Functions

Fully customizable, easily-implemented LED strips for creating the perfect ambience

The Aqara Smart LED strip system brings about elegance to your home’s lighting. Meant for professional installations into your home’s cove, carpentry, or counters, the LED strips serve seamlessly as mood-setting fixtures; and for illuminating work areas and other important zones.

Fully integrated into your Smart Home, you’ll have access to a wide range of options, including dimming and colour temperatures. Adjust your brightness to suit your mood, or change the colour temperature from warm to cool to suit the time of day. Changing settings is as easy as a tap on your smartphone, a turn of a wireless dimmer switch, or a Siri voice command.

The Aqara LED Strips is part of the whole home smart lighting range. To learn more about whole home smart lighting, or to get a quotation, visit this page or contact us.


Works with Apple HomeKit
  • An Aqara Smart Zigbee Hub is required.
  • The Aqara Smart LED Strips and Modules are meant for professional installations. To learn more and to get a quotation for whole-home smart lighting that incorporates a mix of different lighting products, please contact our sales team.
Aqara Smart Light Strips

Brightness and Colour Temperature Controls

Smart LED Strips

Having a romantic dinner? Dim your lights. Cranking out a work report and need help with your focus? Keep your lights bright and in a cool white. The Aqara LED Strips has full brightness and colour temperature controls, allowing for quick and easy customization – and in turn – adjustment of your whole home’s lighting.

Colour temperatures can be set from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white), and can even be automated by time-of-day using Apple’s Adaptive Lighting. 

The best part? Scenes. Group your whole room’s (or even your whole home’s) different lighting devices, and preconfigure them in different brightness, colour temperatures, and on/off states for every scene. Scenes can be easily triggered with a single tap, voice command, or even a button on a wireless switch.

An Integrated Part of Your Smart Home

As part of your Aqara Smart Home, your smart light can also react to motion sensors, door sensors, time-of-day, geolocations, or as part of scenes. As an example, your light can dim on a Movie Time scene.

Achieve easy, seamless control with an Aqara Smart Knob Switch H1, which features a clickable rotary dial.

To turn on and off, click the dial.

Want to dim? Simple – just rotate the dial to set your preferred brightness.

Prefer a warmer light? Press the dial down, and rotate.

Besides Aqara Home, Aqara Smart LED Strips are compatible and can be controlled with Apple Home.

Create scenes with your other Aqara devices, including smart curtains, door locks, and air-conditioners.

smart lights in singapore

Multiple Variants, with Easy Controls

Aqara LED Light Strips Singapore

As a professional lighting product, the Aqara LED strips has a range of options, driven by modules and drivers – each with their own benefits and lighting effects. They’re meant to be hidden in your installations; best implemented during your home’s renovation.

Choose between the seamless COB strips, or the more cost-affordable SMD strips. Every strip must be controlled by the Aqara Smart Dimmer Module, with a maximum length of 10m for every module. 

Contact us for more information, and to get a quotation for the LED strips; plus our other smart lighting products.

Group of Aqara Smart Lights in a room can be individually controlled for finetuned control – or more typically, grouped with the rest for simultaneous control. It’s easy to set and configure through your smart home app. 

Apple HomeKit Adaptive Lighting

Experience the seamless integration Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology. By enabling this feature in the Apple Home app, the ceiling light automatically adjusts its colour temperature based on the time of day, providing cooler tones at noon and warmer hues in the evenings.

When you dim the light, it naturally transitions to a warmer tone, creating a cozy atmosphere.

These adjustments occur effortlessly and automatically, even after power cycles, eliminating the need for additional automations to achieve the desired color temperature for morning and evening lighting. 

Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series
Aqara Smart LED Strip Series

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SMD LED Strips (5m), SMD LED Strip (Waterproof, 5m), COB LED Strips (5m), Aqara Smart Dimmer Module


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