Sensibo Air Q Smart Air-con Control

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Smart air-conditioner controller with built-in TVOC sensor to save energy, maximize comfort, and improve your health. Works with almost any air-conditioner.

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Smart air-conditioner control with inbuilt TVOC and CO2 sensors. Works with Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa.

Make Your Air Conditioner Smart

Save Energy and Maximize Comfort

Control your air conditioner from your phone – anytime, anywhere. Sensibo AirQ works with all air-conditioners with an infrared remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings.

Adapt your cooling to suit your routine, adjust temperatures with automations, and save energy by turning it off when you leave. The Sensibo AirQ saves you both energy and money.

  • As IR beams cannot pass through walls, a Sensibo AirQ AC control can only automate the units within the same room, limited by a maximum range of 10m.
  • This is not an Aqara product, and cannot be added to the Aqara Home app.
Sensibo air apple Homekit

Sensibo Comparison Chart

Sensibo Sky is the basic Sensibo model without support for Apple HomeKit. Its smart air-con functionality is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Sensibo Air and Sensibo AirQ are almost identical products, with the same smart AC functionality – and in addition to Google Home and Alexa, they’re also compatible with Apple HomeKit. The Sensibo AirQ has an additional onboard TVOC (total volatile organic compounds – a measure of air quality) and CO2 sensor, which can provide you with live air quality readings that alert you on pollution levels in your home.

Sensibo Air Pro is the international version of the Sensibo AirQ. Functionally, they are similar.

Sensibo differences

Adapt your cooling to suit your routine

The Sensibo app allows you to set 7-day scheduling, so you’ll be able to suit your home’s cooling needs to your routine. 

Turn your AC on and off, automatically

You can have your air-conditioner turn on before you arrive, and turn off when the last person leaves by using the geofencing feature. This utilizes you and your household members’ phones’ geo-locations to automate your air-conditioner.

Saves energy

Using 7-day scheduling, geo-fencing, and filter cleaning alerts, Sensibo saves energy and pays for itself.

Your Cooling, now on your Phone

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Control your cooling from anywhere with the Sensibo app. Get instant access to your home’s status, such as real-time temperature and humidity levels, as well as TVOC and CO2 levels.

Smart Aircon Singapore

Voice Controls. Home Automations

Your Smart Home, Future Proof

Easily control your home’s cooling with voice commands and smart home apps. Sensibo Air and AirQ works with all major smart home platforms – Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Works with Apple, Google, and Alexa Homes
Sensibo SG Apple Homekit

Install it Effortlessly

Sensibo App

The Sensibo Air and AirQ connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi and controls your air-con via infrared signals. You won’t need an internet bridge or a hub. Place your Sensibo Air AC control on a wall or table, and set it up using the user-friendly app with intuitive controls.

Setup is fuss-free and typically takes less than 5 minutes!

About Sensibo

Solving the air crisis for the future of our home planet

Sensibo’s mission: Perfecting indoor climate today, for a better climate tomorrow

A third of the world’s energy is consumed by heating and cooling indoor spaces. This contributes to CO2 emissions, climate change and poor air quality. That’s why we’re driven to create products that help you control your indoor climate, save energy and stay healthy. Together, we can make an impact on our planet’s climate.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Our AI powered algorithms ensure that you waste less energy at home, reducing your carbon footprint globally 

Saving Money and Energy

Saving Money & Energy

A device that pays for itself in less than a year is something to celebrate, our customers love our money saving tech

Promoting Health & Awareness

Indoor air quality sensors & purifiers promote global health & awareness to the dangers of indoor air pollution

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