Matter Wi-Fi Smart Plug

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Matter-Compatible Smart Plug that works with Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa.

Make Your Devices Smart - Simply and Beautifully

As Simple As Plugging It In

The HomeSmart Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini is easy to use, and can add smart on/off controls to any of your devices that plugs into a mains socket. Simply plug the device or appliance into the Smart Plug, and you can now remotely turn the appliance on and off using your phone, through voice control, or with automations.

You can also create schedules and auto-off timers to work automatically.

  • The HomeSmart Smart Plug must be plugged into a compatible 13A power socket.
  • Wi-Fi is required for smart controls.
  • This is not an Aqara product and cannot be added to an Aqara Hub. 
Matter Smart Plug

Matter Compatibility. Universal Integrations.

HomeKit Smart Plug

The HomeSmart Wi-Fi Smart Plug is fully Matter-compatible. This means native integration into Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, and more. 

Adding it into your smart home platform of choice is as simple as scanning the Matter QR code on the device itself. Furthermore, it can work on multiple platforms simultaneously – with each platform updating the status of the smart plug in real time.


Works with Apple, Google, and Alexa Homes
  • A Matter-compatible Apple Home Hub is required for adding to Apple Home (HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV)
  • A Matter-compatible Google Hub is required for adding to Google Home (Google Home / Google Nest Speakers or Hub)
  • A Matter-compatible Alexa Hub is required for adding to Alexa (Echo, Echo Dot etc.)
  • Smart Plug can also be used without a Matter Hub by using the Smart Life app.

Timers, Schedules, and Powerful Automations

With its integration into different smart home platforms and apps, you’ll now have control over powerful automations over your plugged-in device. Create schedules to have lamps, aquarium lights, pumps, and other appliances to turn on at the same time every day. Or have devices turn themselves off automatically after a set amount of time.

As an integrated part of your smart home, the HomeSmart Wi-Fi Smart Plug can also be included in scenes with other smart accessories. For example, a Good Night scene can turn off the lamp plugged into the Smart Plug. Automations that include other devices are also possible; for example, have your standing fan turn on when an integrated motion sensor detects motion.

Smart Matter Plug

Suitable For Almost Any Appliance

Smart Plug Matter

Any appliance with a 3-pin socket can be plugged into the HomeSmart Wi-Fi Smart Plug. This includes:

  • Standing fans
  • Desk and floor lamps
  • Aquarium lights
  • Kettles and Coffee makers
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Phone chargers
  • Televisions and Hi-Fi equipment
  •  Holiday decorations
  • Air purifiers
  • Humidifiers, and dehumidifiers
  • Irrigation systems

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