Using Siri to View HomeKit Cameras

One of the nifty ways of Apple Home and Siri integration is the possibility of handsfree viewing of Apple HomeKit Secure Video cameras! In this video in our Instagram post, we use Siri to stream the footage of the Aqara G2H Camera in our meeting room. This camera is in our factory at Gul Street, 40 km away!

You’ll notice that Siri goes straight from whichever app you’re at (in this case the Instagram app on our account,, to the Apple Home app, and automatically opening the camera and streaming the video. This all occurs in less than 5 seconds.

Inside the camera page of the Apple Home app, there’s a little icon at the bottom right with four squares. Tapping this button brings up a page with all the smart devices in that room, so you can control these devices directly from the camera page.

In the video, we’re turning the lights off in the meeting room as it’s not a workday!

You can then see the lights turn off in the video, almost instantly.

How are we turning off the lights?

At, we’re implementers of whole-home smart systems, including integration of cameras, air-conditioners, security systems, and lights. The meeting room lights are connected to an Aqara Smart Switch, which gives us remote control of the lights. We can see the status of the lights even when we’re not at the factory, and turn if off remotely.

If you’d like to set a similar setup in your home, it’s a simple matter of purchasing and installing our smart devices and setting them all up. Need more help or advise? Get in touch!

What you’ll need for this set up

To get this set up working, you’ll need the following:

  • Apple HomeKit Secure Video compatible camera, such as our Aqara G2H
  • Apple HomeKit compatible smart light or smart switch, such as our Aqara Smart Switch
  • An Apple Home Hub, such as a HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or iPad


Can I use Siri to view my Xiaomi camera?

No, Xiaomi cameras are not Apple HomeKit compatible.

What’s the Talk button in the camera page?

You can use the camera’s built-in speakers and microphone to speak to anyone in that room!

Will anyone be able to just use Siri on my phone to view my home cameras?

No, Siri requires you to unlock your phone before viewing the camera streams. In this video, the phone was already unlocked. Also, Siri on your phone tries to recognize only your voice – not others around you.

Where to buy?

Our cameras are the international version of the Aqara G2H Camera Hub. As an authorized distributor for Aqara in Singapore, you can have confidence in the quality, support, and warranty (1 year) when purchasing Aqara products from us. Buy here now.

If you’re interested to set up a whole-home smart home that includes lights, cameras, sensors, and other smart devices, you can explore our Apple Smart Home Package!

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