tado Smart Aircon Control Now Available

Sorry! We're no longer carrying the tado Smart Aircon Control. If you're looking for an Apple HomeKit compatible Smart AC control, please consider the Sensibo Air or Sensibo AirQ!

We’re happy to announce that we’re now tado’s distributor in Singapore! The tado Smart Aircon Control is now in stock, and available on our website.

tado Smart Aircon Control V3+

The tado Smart Aircon Control V3+is a simple way to make your aircon smart. You’ll gain new aircon powers – creating automations and schedules, operating the aircon based on temperatures and weather, or simply control your aircon by voice or by app. The tado app also has smart features such as open-window location, perfect for saving energy and money.

Some new ways of controlling your aircon is as follows:


Automations are now possible, based on tado’s smart schedules. You can also create automations within Apple Home, or through Google Routines. Some automations we like

  • Turning off the aircon half an hour before we wake
  • Turning off the aircon when nobody is at home (based on geolocations)
  • Turning on the aircon when the “Good Evening” scene is triggered

App control

Control of your aircon is now possible through your phone or smart watch, through a variety of apps.

  1. tado app, available on iOS and Android
  2. Apple Home (100% native compatibility with Apple HomeKit)
  3. Google Home
  4. Alexa

Voice Control

We’re big fans of voice control for airconditioners, because sometimes you want to turn your aircon on in advance, before you get home. One of our favourite applications – asking Siri on our Apple Watch to turn the AC on as we’re stepping out of the car in the car park. By the time we’re home, the air-conditioner will have been running for 3 minutes, cooling the house down nicely for us.

Onscreen Controls

Besides app controls, the tado also allows you to control your aircon through its onscreen LED interface!

About tado

tado is a technology company based in Munich, specializing in smart thermostat and airconditioner systems. PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is a distributor for tado in Singapore.

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