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4-Room HDB | Chai Chee, Singapore | 2 Adults

Our clients in Chai Chee Road are young professionals who travel a lot for work. Some might think it counterintuitive, but there’s a good reason to have a smart home when you’re planning to spend time away from home! For one, there’s always a way to check on your smart home devices to make sure things aren’t left on when they’re not supposed to. In our client’s case, they opted for a simpler setup consisting of a single Aqara M2 Hub, a bunch of switches, two smart curtains, and some Aqara LED strips (only obtainable via secret code).

They had our smart switches throughout their home, but we were especially fond of their switches at their bedside. With a reading lamp illuminating the switch, it was an accidental model shot.

aqara smart switch

They had switches on both sides of the bed – 3 gangs each. In these 3 gangs, there was one that individually controlled the lamp on that side. The other two buttons either controlled the Aqara LED strip that goes behind their bedhead, or was configured to ‘wirelessly’ turn the main lights in the bedroom on and off (the main switch for the main lights are at the bedroom entrance).

smart lights chai chee road

These switches below control the lights in the bedroom, as well as in the attached master bathroom. The smart water heater switch in black (also obtainable via secret code) was also installed to give them smart water heater controls.

google nest

Besides the bedroom, there were switches everywhere else.

smart lights singapore

They also had Aqara smart curtain systems installed in their living room and master bedroom. The funny thing about posting photos of smart curtain systems is that they don’t look like smart curtains. They were designed to be inconspicuous, with the motor and other motorized parts hidden behind the curtain themselves.

smart curtains sg

A sneak peek at some of the curtain components behind the scenes (or shades):

singapore smart curtains

Being Android phone users, our clients opted to have their smart home integrated with Google Home, which works out well for them. This includes Google Assistant as their form of voice control, and the integration of Aqara Home scenes into Google Routines.

google home

With their Google Nest Hub and its onboard microphone, smart home controls can be issued easily through voice commands. Plus, that’s our hub!

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