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Did you see us on TV? As part of Channel NewAsia’s Money Mind series, we were interviewed on questions regarding the increasing adoption of smart homes by Singaporeans.

With the film crew and producer, CNA filmed many of our smart devices in our showroom, including our lights, door locks, and curtains. Although the segment was short, it featured heavily on our smart devices working and operating.

Here are some screen grabs of the programme, featuring our smart home devices and accessories. As we’ve received many enquiries from customers of which of our devices were featured in the programme, we’ve listed them down here with links.

Our Showroom and Scenes

Naturally, being in our showroom, there were footage of scenes triggering in our showroom, which controlled lights, curtains, music, and more. However, scenes are something best experienced in person.

Smart Home Singapore Showroom
Our logo with our smart door locks – from left to right, the D100, A100, and N100 locks.
Living room in Singapore with smart devices
Triggering a good night scene – lights went out, and curtains started to close. Camera with cat ears is the G3 camera, while the cube on the table is the Cube T1 Pro.

Smart Curtain Control

Our motorized day and night curtains, completely integrated into our smart home system and additionally integrated into Apple Home and Google Home, was shown in a quick shot, with the night curtains opening with a slight delay of the day curtains (for effect).

Motorized Smart Curtains, day and night, with smart controls and voice assistants

Smart Door Locks

There were some videos of us unlocking our door locks with Apple Home Keys, using our iPhone and Apple Watch. While the lock in these shots was the Aqara D100 Smart Door lock, our other A100 lock is also compatible with the Apple Home Key feature.

Unlocking smart door lock with iPhone using Apple Home Keys
Unlocking our D100 lock with our iPhone
Unlocking Smart Door Lock with Apple Watch
Unlocking our D100 lock with our Apple Watch

Other Smart Devices – Switches and Cameras

There was a brief shot of our other devices, namely a row of our smart switches and two of our home monitoring cameras.

Smart Lighting and Switches

iPad and Apple Home

One of our focus has always been on Apple HomeKit, which is easy to manage and operate. There were a few shots of our iPad running Apple Home, looking like a control panel, complete with video footage, quick access to scenes, and status of our smart home devices.

The iPad is an iPad Air.

Smart Home Control Panel running Apple Home with smart devices
iPad Home Control Centre

Watch the Programme

You can watch the whole programme on MeWatch. All photos above are screengrabs of the programme, and are copyright CNA.

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